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Like Us on Google and Facebook : Stats Web Report Importance of this Information:
Stats Report Indicates the current website position, eg where it stands among other websites, how much traffic it gets daily, page views per day/week/month as well as year. Its current server location, online status, whether is online or offline? Alexa rank, page rank, its income from advertising, whois the owner of, what are its http headers, how many sites share its ip, what sites it links to? and much other information.

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The Stats for the domain were collected 652 Days Ago
Detailed Information Importance of this Information:
Detailed Information is for letting you know that how much rating gets by review, its online status, legit or not? etc.
The domain is about صفحه اصلی |تل وان سامانه گستر . is currently hosted in the city Montreal which is a city of Canada. This domain is operated by the company or isp iWeb Technologies.'s servers are being operated by the organization which is iWeb Dedicated CL
Location Information Importance of this Information:
Every sites has its own server on which it runs online every time. Location information is currently showing where are the servers of , how much latitude and longitude positions it has.

The domain is located in Montreal. This city is situated in Canada.This location is found as its ip is originating from that server. Location is determined on the base of the ip address of server.

Ranking Performance Importance of this Information:
Every sites has its own server on which it runs online every time. Location information is currently showing where are the servers of , how much latitude and longitude positions it has.
As far as meta information of is concerned. This information is given below.
  Meta tags Importance of this Information:
Meta Information (also known as meta tags) are a data which truly matters for search engines only. Users does not see this data in the page in any website. It only appears in source code of web browsers. Following are the meta tags of which were fetched through our robot by visiting the site as a normal user.
صفحه اصلی |تل وان سامانه گستر
وب سایت شرکت تل وان سامانه گستر
 Html Tags Importance of this Information:
HTML is a web language which contains tags for representing each of their function. These tags are called html tags. Each tag has some attributes which effect their way of displaying in browser and changes their behaviour. We have made a list of all individual html tags being used in
TR: 20TD: 38
A: 26IMG: 20
H4: 2P: 8
BR: 10SPAN: 3
  Out Bound Links Analysis - The sites being linked Importance of this Information:
Outbound links, also known as out links. These links are gathered to let users know if this website has placed a link of some other website. The more out links a website has on its page, the more ranking its gives to those sites which it links to.

  Server Location analysis Graphs Importance of this Information:
Server Location graph pins the location where the site is currently being hosted.
ISP: iWeb Technologies
Organization: iWeb Dedicated CL
City: Montreal
Country: Canada
Latitude: 45.5
Longitude: -73.5833
  Domain Name Servers - DNS Importance of this Information:
DNS (abbreviated as Domain Name Servers) are name servers eg, or and so on. these name servers are set in the registar settings of a domain, to let the registar know about where to point the users to its original servers. These dns also enables Internet service providers to lookup every site on the internet. First of all, browsers sents request for accessing the site, then its isp finds its dns, then request forwards to servers through dns, and the server finally send a response back to the isp and isp to the users. A site cannot work if it does not have a valid dns.
There are total 4 DNS records for These 4 DNS records include 4 (NS) Name sever record, 0 (A) record, 0 (SOA) start of authority record, 0 (MX) Mail Exchange record and 0 (TXT) TEXT record.
Host Type Target / IP TTL Other
tellonesg.comA64.15.147.19710792class : IN
tellonesg.comMXmail.tellonesg.com10792pri : 10
class : IN
tellonesg.comNSns2.tellonegroup.com10792class : IN
tellonesg.comNSns1.tellonegroup.com10792class : IN
  Ownership Information - Whois Information Importance of this Information:
Whois information of or whois information display the name of owner(s) of the site. You can view this information only if it is allowed to be shown by the owner of the website. Whois information also shown the registrar and its ip addresses which points to that domain. Name servers, number of ips, location, owner contact information, technical info, business info, contacts etc. sponsor/registrar is was registered on 2011-01-01 and will be expired on 2016-01-01
Name Servers:,
Created On:2011-01-01 14:26:17.0
Last Updated On:2013-12-02 01:00:29.0
Expiration Date:2016-01-01 14:26:17.0
Sponsoring Registrar:REALTIME REGISTER B.V.
Reseller:Realtime Register B.V.
Registrant ID:RC_18916859
Registrant Name:Mohammad Taghi Rajab pour
Registrant Organization:TellOnegroup industrial
Registrant Street1:2 ,shariati st ,opposite
Registrant City:tehran
Registrant State:Tehran
Registrant Postal Code:1914965351
Registrant Country:IR
Registrant Phone:+98.2122612930
Registrant Fax:+98.2122612929
Registrant Email:[email protected]
TECH ID:RC_18916859
TECH Name:Mohammad Taghi Rajab pour
TECH Organization:TellOnegroup industrial
TECH Street1:2 ,shariati st ,opposite
TECH City:tehran
TECH State:Tehran
TECH Postal Code:1914965351
TECH Country:IR
TECH Phone:+98.2122612930
TECH Fax:+98.2122612929
TECH Email:[email protected]
BILLING ID:RC_18916859
BILLING Name:Mohammad Taghi Rajab pour
BILLING Organization:TellOnegroup industrial
BILLING Street1:2 ,shariati st ,opposite
BILLING City:tehran
BILLING State:Tehran
BILLING Postal Code:1914965351
BILLING Phone:+98.2122612930
BILLING Fax:+98.2122612929
BILLING Email:[email protected]
ADMIN ID:RC_18916859
ADMIN Name:Mohammad Taghi Rajab pour
ADMIN Organization:TellOnegroup industrial
ADMIN Street1:2 ,shariati st ,opposite
ADMIN City:tehran
ADMIN State:Tehran
ADMIN Postal Code:1914965351
ADMIN Country:IR
ADMIN Phone:+98.2122612930
ADMIN Fax:+98.2122612929
ADMIN Email:[email protected]'s Load Time Chart Load Time Charts Shows you Overall Progress Of your Site's Load Time.'s Current Load Time is : 0.734 (Sec)
  Estimated Graphs for Alexa Traffic Rankings Importance of this Information:
Alexa Traffic Graphs (powered by alexa) displays traffic information of in a format which is easily catchable by eyes in a second. This graph displays current traffic stats for the following site, and lets you know about how much popular it is on the internet.
  Sites Linking - Inlinks Analysis Importance of this Information:
In Links, means which sites have placed the site address of with anchor tag on their main page of subdirectories. Internal links matters a lot if we want a good ranking in google, bing, yahoo, baidu, and other search engines. Because if more people start linking to a particular website, then it means its gaining popularity on the net. If you want to gain ranking, then get up and start creating a good quality content so that others may start linking to your good content. Backlinks
  Alexa Ranking Analysis Graph
Alexa Rank for
  Popularity - How many people are searching about it. Importance of this Information:
the following graph shows the popularity of on google search engine. This popularity shows that how many internet users are searching about on google. The graph includes the search interest of users of about past 5 years.
  Quantcast Ranking Analysis Graph
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